MT360 is about bringing together transformative people.  This unification of disparate groups of like-minded people, digital technologies and manufacturing processes will accelerate innovation and create a competitive edge allowing us to crossover into the future.

— Travis Egan, VP Business Development, AMT


From the producers of IMTS comes MT360. An exclusive, one-of-a-kind education and networking event bringing together the best-of-the-best in manufacturing and technology—to learn, connect and create invaluable opportunities.

  • Meet potential partners and gain a deeper understanding of the Industry 4.0 ecosystem

  • See dozens of presentations from a unique mix of thought leaders

  • Network with tech leaders and like-minded manufacturers

  • Find out what savvy venture investors have their eye on

  • Discuss what’s coming with startups working on the ‘next big thing’


MT360 is broken up into two major components. The Tech Theatre and The Virtual Factory. Both spaces present unique experiences with informative content and present you the opportunity to collide with the industries best and brightest.


A mix of legacy and start-up companies, the simulated factory is the “show” part of the Tell & Show format of MT360. The simulated factory floor is where you will go to see hands-on demonstrations of the technologies being presented in the Tech Theater. This is where the four foundational product categories of MT360 – Additive Manufacturing, Cognitive Automation/AI, Digital Thread, and AR/VR – come to life.


  • How should an established organization think about additive manufacturing? What are the various constituencies that all might be affected, and might stand to benefit, from the move to AM?

  • The promise of additive manufacturing for production. How does AM change the organization? What opportunities does it present for production parts?

  • What the future looks like for collaborative automation. How can technology give us collaborative robots that are fast and powerful rather than being speed-and force-limited?

  • Transformations companies have made to the use of collaborative and autonomous automation in manufacturing, and the culture change necessary to succeed with this.


The format of how we present information is more Awards Show and Ted Talks then traditional conference. The pace of the presentations is varied, and the information is infused in short, concise presentations, supplemented by the “How I Innovate” series that show how these technologies are actively being put into practice.


  • How to optimize the production of lot size one in the context of Industry 4.0

  • How established organizations should think about additive manufacturing

  • How companies are deploying IoT, cloud, big data, digital twin, and machine learning using manufacturing

  • The landscape of education tech for an continuously evolving workforce

  • How Artifical Intelligence is used for the supply chain



Technology, Manufacturing, Startup, and Investor

MT360 was designed to connect the intellectually curious, technology-minded, forward thinking and innovative, who all share one goal: Discover how disruptive technologies can be leveraged to accelerate their business. 

Drawing heavily from the brightest tech talents in Silicon Valley, MT360 will also invite contributors from Fortune 100 manufacturers around the country - CTOs, CIOs, Engineering Managers, Software and Mechatronics Engineers, Presidents, and VP’s of Engineering.




Don’t miss out on your opportunity to collide with your peers.



MT360 wouldn’t be possible without the support of our amazing partners. From all of us at MT360, thank you for supporting MT360.